Feature & Benefits To Our Franchise Partners.

  1. Dynamic Website of Your Organization.
  2. Sample Book Of DYT & PGDYT
  3. Visiting Card for Director
  4. Prospectus & Handbill
  5. Diary & Calendar
  6. Free Admission Of Five economically weak students
  7. Admission Form & Online Id Card for Students
  8. Online Admission Portal
  9. Unique Center Code & Membership No.
  10. Opportunity to earn 6 - 7 lacks per year
  11. Designed an E-Banner for your authorised study center.
  12. Minimum 30 Designed Graphic per month for social media promotion.
  13. Franchise Verification On MDVTI INDIA Website
  14. Online Support System for Franchise & their students
  15. Annual Function To Train Fundamentals of Business & Award Distribution.
  16. 10 Km wide range to work around your registered office.
  17. Lowest competitive & affordable course.
  18. Course E-book & Online Class Panel on website.
  19. Online Verification of Franchise & Admission
  20. Login panel for students
  21. SMS Alert for every information
  22. 80% Share to our Franchise Partners
  23. Growing sector Business
  24. Benefit of Ecosystem to collaborate with all Franchise partners all over India.
  25. Increase your social image by working in Yoga with our mission "स्वस्थ भारत समृद्ध भारत"
  26. Online & Offline mode of study/Exam.
  27. 100% Transparency in policies.
  28. Training & support for marketing & sales.
  29. Free Live classes for fitness under mission "स्वस्थ भारत समृद्ध भारत"
  30. Top strategies to grow your existing business also.
  31. Opportunity to make your brand with our Goodwill and branded organisation having 650+ branches all over India.
  32. Extra Discount on all products of BadaBusiness.com By Dr. Vivek Bindra.(Ex.-IBC,EAE etc.)
  33. Qualitative education through customized professional syllabus for Yoga teacher training.

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